Never Miss With Your Bow


You have spent hours of preseason prep and planning, and now it’s finally paying off, and you have a bull in your sights.  Then you suffer the bitter pain of watching your arrow go over the bull’s back, and then the bull disappears back into the woods.  Here are some key points to keep in mind when shooting your bow, so you never miss again.


Few skills rely so heavily on the connection between the body and mind as does shooting a bow.  From the soles of your feet to the position of your head, it all has to come together.

The Mind

It’s the most important aspect of shooting.  You must deliberately focus on keeping your form perfect, shot after shot.  If you think about aiming accuracy will suffer.

Release Arm

Keep steady backward pressure  with this arm until your arrow goes off.  Think of pulling your bow apart.

Release Motion

Don’t start and stop. Commit to a good follow through, and the release will occur naturally.


Keep your feet lined up perpendicular to the target, which is the easiest way to maintain the same stance each shot.

Bow Arm 

A weak or tight bow arm causes most misses.  You need to apply steady pressure here right into the target.


Keep your grip relaxed, a tight grip will through your arrow off to the side.


Always watch your arrow to the target, if you do it right you should be able to see the arrow as it hits the target.

Good Luck & Good Hunting