Pick Your Load

Sport                             Gauge                                                       The Basics        

Skeet                               A range of gauges are used                NO 9 works the best

Trap                                12 Gauge is the most used                  No 8 works best from the 16 yards line, then use  No 7 1/2 when you move farther back.

Sporting Clays               Any Gauge from 12 through 20         Use a variety of shells: No 9 20 to 30 yards, No 8 beyond 30 yards and No 7 /12 for trap shots

Late Season Elk Hunt

It was 10 degrees and snowing in Billings on Christmas day, when I informed my Mom that I was heading up to the mountains to go on a late season damage hunt for a cow elk.  My Mom asked me if there was something wrong with my head, and I had to admit that I might have a problem.   After a five year, dry spell, my elk hunting luck had finally changed, and I drew for a damage hunt.  I talked my friend Bruce, who I refer to as my gun bearer, to come along with me.  Bruce borrowed a friend’s snowmobile to follow us up.  You can’t hunt off the snowmobile, but you can use it for game retrieval.  We left Laurel at 4 am, and got to Ennis at about 7:30 am.  We were into elk almost immediately, although we drove up and down the road two or three times, we only got stuck once.  I finally decided to sneak down the creek bottom, while Bruce stayed behind ready to bring the snowmobile when I got my elk down, I stayed in the trees and followed the creek down about two miles, and I was finally able to stalk to about 300 hundred yards away.  I rested my rifle over a tree branch and picked out the closes cow.  I would like to say that I hit my target that first shot, but I didn’t.  After three or four shots, and a couple of bad words my drought came to an end, and I finally had my elk.  I called Bruce on my cell phone and told him to bring the snowmobile down.  I was feeling bad for Bruce because he didn’t get a chance to shoot, but he was having so much fun driving the snowmobile, that I quickly forgot about it.  All in all a great day, and probably the easiest elk hunt ever.