Moose * Sheep* Goat Hunting in Montana

Moose * Sheep* Goat Hunting in Montana

RRON Moose       bighorn sheep   Mtn Goat

The 2016 Regulations for Moose, Big Horn Sheep and Mountain Goat hunting in Montana are available. The drawing dead line is May 2nd. I have heard that if you wait until the last day to send in your application you stand to have a better chance of drawing, however I have absolutely no hard evidence to support this claim. I do recommend paying a little extra for the bonus points drawing, because this will increase your chances of drawing a tag.

The best chance of drawing a Moose permit is District 334-00. Last year there were 6 permits given out with 90 applicants which gives you a 6.67% or a 1 in 15 chance of drawing. District 334-00 allows you to hunt is the Red Rock Lakes area, for area map and rules call (406) 276-3536.

The best Chance for drawing a Big Horn Sheep permit are Districts 300-60, 303-60, 500-60, 501-60 & 502-60 which are pretty much guaranteed draws. The most popular district is 482-20 (The Missouri River Breaks). Last year there was 4,555 applicants with 20 permits given out, which gives you a .44% or a 1 in 440 chance.

The best chance for a Mountain Goat permit is district 316-20. Last year there was 222 applicants with 12 permits given out, which gives you a 5.41% or a 1 in 18 chance of drawing. This permit allows you to hunt in the Cooke City area, which is probably the highest and roughest country in Montana.

These permits are so coveted that drawing one is like winning the lottery, but you have to be in it to win it.

Good Luck and Good Hunting!